About the Exposure Foundation

Our Mission

The Exposure Foundation, Inc.’s mission is to improve the quality of life for youth and families.

The mission is implemented through exposing youth to positive ideas, activities, individuals, and places outside of their immediate belief system and physical environment. The mission is also accomplished by providing youth and families some of the essential tools and skills necessary for building character, increasing self-esteem and self-confidence, meeting positive friends, developing strong academic skills, and making informed choices.

Early intervention will significantly decrease aberrant behavior such as: gang related activity, involvement with drugs, dropping out of school, early sexual activity, and the risk of incarceration.

Special emphasis is placed on ‘at risk’ youth and their families. Services are designed for youth ages 8-18.

Meet Our Founder –
Dr. Abdalla Rashad Tau

Dr. Abdalla Rashad Tau

A Decatur native and product of DeKalb County Public Schools, Dr. Abdalla Rashad Tau has developed a genuine partnership with stakeholders in the community.

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